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UH Research Credentialing Process

The UH Research Credentialing process provides Non-UH personnel proper access to UH patients’ Protected Health Information (UH PHI) under Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved research studies.

Use the checklists provided to help guide you through the process:

The UH Research Credentialing process provides:

  • Access to UH PHI for IRB-approved research studies
  • Grants a UH-based title:
    • Research Faculty for MDs and/or PhD’s
    • Research Associate for all others
  • A UH e-mail address and IT access
  • Access to UH-sponsored research training programs

If you have questions regarding if you need to be credentialed, or if you qualify to be credentialed, please contact UHResearchCredentialing@UHhospitals.org BEFORE submitting an application.

Research Credentialing Application:

  • Blank documents required for the research credentialing process can be found in the Research Credentialing REDCap application.
  • CWRU Medical Students are no longer required to submit an annual renewal application. Medical students are to be credentialed through their expected graduation date.

Research Credentialing Fees:

  • Initial Applications: $150
  • Renewal Applications: $100
  • CWRU Medical Students are exempt from the research credentialing fee.

This fee is non-refundable if paying with an option other than the online payment website.

Applicants may pay their research credentialing fee in one of three ways:

  1. Online using a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay
  2. In-person in the CRC 1400 Lakeside office using a credit card
  3. General Ledger Account, PTAEO or CWRU Speedtype (see application for more details)

For more information

For detailed information about how to submit your Research Credentialing application please read the Research Credentialing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This SOP is a step-by-step guide explaining the process. For more information regarding UH's Research Credentialing process please read our frequently asked questions.