Research Grants Contracts & Accounting Policies

University Hospitals Clinical Research Center Grant and Contract Policies listed below are available through the UH Intranet (Policies & forms > Policies and procedures > UH System-wide).

If you are unable to access the policies through the UH Intranet please contact Kumar Mukesh, MBA, Director, Grants Accounting at 216-844-8404.

R-1 – Clinical Research Investigation
R-2 – Patient Billing Under Research Grants
R-8 – Acceptance of Grants
R-10 – Archiving Grants Historical Data (Pre 4/1/03)
R-11 – Archiving Grants Historical Data (Post 4/1/03)
R-12 – Budgetary Control and Funds Checking
R-13 – Post Award Cash Management
R-14 – Charging Direct and Indirect Costs
R-15 – Cost Sharing, Matching and In-Kind Contributions
R-16 – Grants Accounting: Development of Clinical Trial Budgets
R-17 – Effort Reporting
R-18 – Funding Requests to External Sources
R-19 – Grants Accounting: Clearing Accounts
R-20 – Grants Accounting: Cost Transfer
R-21 – Grants Proposal
R-22 – Labor Distribution: Adjustments
R-23 – Labor Distribution: Archiving Historical Data
R-24 – Labor Distribution: Payroll & Period Close
R-25 – Labor Distribution: Payroll Assignment
R-27 – Labor Distribution: Suspense Accounts
R-28 – Pre-award Account Numbers
R-29 – Pre-award Costs
R-30 – Grants Accounting
R-32 – Grants Accounting: No Cost Extension
R-33 – Grants Accounting: Distribution of Facility and Administration (F&A) Costs Recovered Through Grants and Contracts
R-34 – Grants Accounting: Award Close Out
R-35 – Grants Accounting: Residual Funds Transfer from Completed Grant Awards
R-36 – Grants Accounting: Managing Grants and Contracts funded to Community Hospitals
R-37 – Grants Accounting: Centralized Sponsor Invoicing / Billing
R-38 – Fiscal Management of Grants and Philanthropic Gifts