Population Health Research

Population Health Research at University Hospitals

Population health is the science of analyzing the input and output data of the overall health and well-being of a population and using this knowledge to produce desirable population outcomes.1 UH Research & education’s (UH R&E) population health researchers apply informatics and health analytics to align with the UH R&E vision to address unmet clinical needs and enhance the lives of our community and the world.

UH Research & Education population health researchers use “big data” – extremely large health data sets – to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, to improve University Hospital health care for patients and the community. “Big data” come in many forms, leading to many types of research opportunities including:

  • Cohort identification
  • Clinical outcomes modeling
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Patterns of care
  • Individualized risk predictions and monitoring
  • Trends --- incidence, survival, mortality
  • Operations enhancement / quality

UH R&E Health Analytics & Informatics Team Provides Support

The UH Research & Education Health Analytics & Informatics team collaborates with UH faculty and trainees on health analytics projects, including but not limited to, clinical outcomes and risk prediction modeling. The team also:

  • Provides guidance to appropriately design research studies using UH data and other data sources. Guidance also includes robust analysis and interpretation of results, leading to grant applications, peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national/international meetings.
  • Provides guidance and direction for use of the UH data and other data sources for impacting health outcomes in the UH patient population.
  • Trains interested UH investigators in what data are available (both at UH and other data sources) and how to leverage the data to answer their questions.
  • Facilitates access to collaborative opportunities in Cleveland and beyond

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