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Byung-Gyu Kim

Muthulekha Swamydas, PhD

Byung-Gyu Kim, PhD, DVM

Byung-Gyu Kim obtained his PhD in Seoul defining the role of cytokines in enhancing anti-tumor immune responses. After that, he served as an instructor, investigating the role of Hox genes in liver regeneration and tumorigenesis and mentoring graduate and medical students. Then, he moved to Washington DC to investigate TGF-β signaling in the development and function of lymphocytes and found the importance of Smad4-dependent TGF-β signaling in T cells as a requirement for suppression of spontaneous cancer in gastrointestinal tract. He moved to Cleveland in 2006 and focused on the mechanisms through which mucosal immune function and microenvironment regulate epithelial transformation. More recently, he has established a preclinical syngeneic murine model of multiple myeloma (MM), which he has used to explore mechanisms of therapy resistance. Collaborating with team members, we launched a new investigator-initiated clinical trial of TGF-β pathway inhibition in relapsed/refractory MM. His long-term research goals are to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumor drug resistance and immunity. This will lead to a greater understanding of the link between cancers and the immune system, and development of therapeutically effective intervention strategies.