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The Parallel Path

The Parallel Path™ is a newly developed process that provides the infrastructure for a comprehensive research core that will enable our physicians to be productive both clinically and academically.

The Urology Institute leadership is committed to recruiting and supporting driven, gifted, and ambitious physicians and scientists. To minimize and reduce research roadblocks, the leadership team created Parallel Path™, a structure to support clinicians emphasizing the Institute’s culture of research and innovation.



Parallel Path™ is a way for clinicians to advance healthcare through clinical and academic medicine. With resources committed to their success, clinicians are empowered to explore and pursue their ideas that they know can advance within a well-oiled machine. Parallel Path™ also helps clinicians balance clinical, academic, and personal responsibilities to realize their own goals and contribute the ideas that will help shape the future of urology.

The infrastructure of Parallel Path™ includes basic scientists, database managers, and statistician's research directors that can partner with our clinicians. Our clinicians are busy clinically, but yet at the same time, they can partner with our research infrastructure to be academically productive. In 2020, we were able to triple the number of publications from the previous year and double the number of grants submitted. The Urology Institute leadership plans to expand this structure to ensure that not only are we busy clinically offering the latest in technology, but also very busy academically asking the right questions, innovating, developing new techniques, technologies and discoveries in the laboratory, and publishing on that and presenting it around the world.

How the Parallel Path™ Works


Clinical production was the highest priority. Academics were secondary, and clinicians used their personal time (nights and weekends) to pursue their research interests.
the old way


The academic mission is prioritized and supported alongside clinical work.


The Parallel Path(tm)