Distressing Childbirth Experiences and Women’s Postpartum Health Study

Association between Childbirth Related PTSD and Sexual Functioning

woman suffering from postpartum depression


AGE: 18 – 45 years old
TYPE: Observational Survey Study
CONDITION: Childbirth, Postpartum, Psychological Stress
LOCATION: UH Cleveland Medical Center

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Study Purpose

This study is examining the association between psychological distress and sexual functioning in postpartum women who have experienced distressing childbirth/deliveries (for example, urgent cesarean section, forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery, postpartum hemorrhage). This study will also examine the role of stress during pregnancy, including experiences of discrimination, stressors occurring to you or close others (such as experiencing an accident, or alcohol use), and worries about the experience or impact of pregnancy (such as physical symptoms like nausea).

Who Can Participate

Potentially eligible participants include adult women who are 18-45 years, who have given birth to a child within the past 12 weeks, and whose childbirth experience was distressing (e.g., forceps delivery, urgent cesarean section, postpartum hemorrhage).

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STUDY ID#: STUDY20201804