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Migraine Research

University Hospitals Neurological Institute offers eligible patients with cutting-edge headache care through clinical trials for new therapies before they make it to market.

The latest placebo-controlled trial evaluated a device that stimulated the vagus nerve, gammacore. UH Neurological Institute also participated in a large post-marketing trial aimed to evaluate the use of headache medications in the "real world" as opposed to the sometimes-artificial influence of placebo-controlled trials. These two large trials are completed and are currently awaiting outcomes.

The Neurological Institute is currently evaluating two placebo-controlled trials investigating the efficacy of an investigational medication and device to determine if they are a good fit for our patients. In addition to clinical trials, we have creative, intelligent residents who continue to start investigator-initiated trials. Our researchers are pioneers in several headache science grants through the American Headache Society for these studies.