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Skin Disease Research Center

Skin Disease Research Center

The University Hospitals Department of Dermatology and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Skin Disease Research Center (SDRC) is a unique translational core and center for human subjects research. The broad long-term objectives of SDRC are to:

  • Identify and coordinate key resources for skin disease research by establishing Resource-Based Cores
  • Present Institutional advocacy for skin research and resources beneficial to the skin research community, thus leveraging SDRC resources
  • Provide an enhanced gateway for skin research within the regional area by establishing the Great Lakes Regional Skin Consortium (GLRSC) that will work to increase the accessibility and diversity of skin disease samples
  • Enable outreach to regional partners in basic and clinical cutaneous research
  • Organize enrichment activities that bring members together
  • Manage a clinical research regulatory compliance center
  • Recruit and mentor individuals interested in cutaneous research.

Active Studies for Various Skin Conditions

We are conducting various studies focused on psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin cancers, lymphoma, and tests on new and future sun protection creams and products.