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The strong record of achievement of the SDRC at Case Western Reserve and UH is due to the accomplishments of the individual investigators and the synergistic interactions fostered by the center grant. When the SDRC was originally funded in 1988, its membership was 13 (four from the Department of Dermatology, ten from five other departments). At the present time it is comprised of more than 70 members from 34 different departments and centers within Case Western Reserve, University Hospitals of Cleveland, the Cleveland VA Medical Center, the Lerner Research Institute of Cleveland Clinic and Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. SDRC investigators in the aggregate average approximately $10 million annually to funded research projects relevant to skin.

Taken together, the research base of the SDRC at Case Western Reserve has breadth and depth, is multidisciplinary and interrelated, and provides an excellent, vibrant platform for advancing the interests of patients with skin disease through the SDRC mechanisms.

Members of our university community are encouraged to participate in the center's enrichment programs (i.e., seminar series, visiting scholars' program, P&F research-in-progress lunches, etc.) and are offered the opportunity to submit proposals to the Pilot & Feasibility Study Program (P&FS). A major benefit of membership in the SDRC is unrestricted access to the core facilities.

The primary criterion for membership in the SDRC is a commitment to research applications in skin diseases. Interdisciplinary collaborations involving skin-related research are also looked upon favorably. Membership in the SDRC requires approval by the director with the concurrence of the executive committee.

Membership Guidelines

  1. A member of the Department of Dermatology who is actively engaged in research.
  2. A non-member of the Department of Dermatology with a funded research project directly relevant to dermatology or the SDRC's cores.
  3. A non-member of the Department of Dermatology who has been awarded an SDRC P&F grant.
  4. A non-member of the Department of Dermatology who has a productive collaboration with a member of the Department of Dermatology on a skin-related project.

Continued membership requires:

  1. Ongoing productivity in skin-related research leading to the publication of peer-reviewed articles and acquisition of extramural grants.
  2. Participation in SDRC-related activities including its cores, committees, and enrichment program activities