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Advancing Patient Care

The University Hospitals Department of Dermatology Psoriasis Center of Research Translation (CORT) integrates a strong psoriasis and skin disease research base with a large existing cohort of psoriasis patients. The Murdough Family Center for Psoriasis and other resources comprise a substantial institutional commitment to the CORT. The Skin Diseases Research Center’s cutaneous biology infrastructure and experience will accelerate the Case Psoriasis CORT’s advances for psoriasis patient benefit. The translational projects envisioned will test innovative therapeutic interventions in psoriasis that are based upon new mechanistic findings. They also provide new pathogenetic information using biologic samples from patients and animal models. It is intended that each Project will generate therapeutic modalities that change the treatment of psoriasis patients.

Psoriasis Database Study

The purpose of the Psoriasis Database is to gather comprehensive data on the participant’s personal and medical history, including the current and past treatments received, and medical history of the participant’s family members including psoriasis. Information gathered is stored in an electronic database, which may help researchers develop a better understanding of this disease, and thus lead to future studies improving the management of psoriasis.

Join this Study

Start the online survey if you have previously consented (in person or by phone) for the study entitled Epidemiology, comorbidities, risk factors, and treatment profile of psoriasis patients (UH IRB # 03-07-31).