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Jordan Winter MD

Jordan Winter, MD

Jordan Winter, MD

Chief of Surgical Oncology
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Member, GI Cancer Genetics Program, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Winter is a pancreatic cancer surgeon and scientist. He completed his residency in general surgery and post-doctoral research in pancreatic cancer biology at Johns Hopkins. He trained in Surgical Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. After working at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, he arrived in Cleveland at University Hospitals to lead the Division of Surgical Oncology in 2018. The Winter lab studies the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic cancer biology to try to determine new therapeutic strategies. His lab focuses on elucidating the adaptive strategies employed by pancreatic cancer to overcome the harsh, ‘desert-like’ conditions that surround the tumor. His team is currently developing a strategy that overwhelms these adaptive pathways using a safe new drug. The strategy has cured pancreatic cancer in mice, and they hope to test this strategy in patients in 2021. He is also studying the molecular mechanisms that drive depression in patients with pancreatic cancer, and will test new insights gained from his lab’s studies in clinical trials in 2021.