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Ostomy/Stoma Care Clinics

UH Clinics Provide Compassionate Support and Care for Patients with an Ostomy

Living life with an ostomy can be a challenge. The Ostomy Clinics at University Hospitals are here to help you meet that challenge. Whether it is determining the best appliance for you, finding a supplier, or locating a support group, the ostomy nurses at our clinic can help.

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With the correct product selection and support, most patients can live a full and active life, spend time with loved ones and engage in all of their favorite activities. Many people tell us, "This stoma has given me my life back." Our goal is to help you to be one of those people.

All patients under the care of UH physicians are welcome to use the services of the Ostomy Clinic, which include:

  • Preoperative education
  • Preoperative site-marking
  • Postoperative care and education
  • Determining the best ostomy supplies for you
  • Find the best supplier for your needs
  • Management of peristomal skin irritation
  • Fitting for hernia and hernia-prevention belts
  • Management of tube and drain sites
  • Facilitate stoma-related prescriptions
  • Providing a "Letter of Medical Necessity"
  • Nutrition and dietary education
  • Lifestyle support and coping strategies
  • Assistance in locating a support group

A Team of Specially Trained Ostomy Nurses

The nurses who provide care at the UH Ostomy Clinics are nationally certified ostomy nurses with special training in the management of ostomies. They have years of experience providing education and in managing ostomy complications so that you can get back to living your life.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

  • We will ask what brought you in to see us. Perhaps it is a skin irritation, concerns about finding a supplier, or maybe you just need some additional support or education.
  • We will assess your stoma, skin, contour and pouch.
  • We will ask how you currently manage your care. How often do you empty your pouch? How frequently do you change it? Who is your supplier? What is working? What is not working?
  • Please bring your current supplies with you.