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Specialized Hernia Surgery

At the Comprehensive Hernia Center at University Hospitals, and several of our medical centers throughout Northeast Ohio, we are able to treat the most complicated hernia conditions. These patients typically require a so-called abdominal wall reconstruction – procedures that are among the most complex repairs performed.

Our surgical team has pioneered and successfully implemented a number of innovative and highly effective approaches to treat most complex hernia problems. These leading-edge techniques include layer-by-layer remodeling of the diseased abdominal wall to improve postoperative outcomes and the use of the newest mesh materials to promote reliable reinforcement of the tissues. Our surgeons are also continuously developing and testing new mesh products in their research laboratory.

Patients at UH Comprehensive Hernia Center and our other hernia treatment facilities not only receive specialized care and advanced hernia surgical treatments, but they also get personalized guidance to help them stay healthy once they return home.

Robotic Surgery

Surgeons with the Comprehensive Hernia Center at UH are able to perform complex abdominal wall reconstruction using the da Vinci robotic surgery system. The advanced set of surgical tools offered by the da Vinci system gives the surgeons greater precision, dexterity and control while performing surgery. Due to the fewer, smaller incisions needed for robotic surgery, patients experience less pain, less blood loss and a lower risk of complications or infection. Robotic surgery also can mean shorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries and improved outcomes for patients compared to traditional open abdominal wall surgery.