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Facts About Falls

Fall Prevention

  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries to individuals over age 65
  • The estimated annual cost of treating fall related injuries is $30 billion

What Can You Do To Help Prevent Falls?

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review medications for interactions or side effects (dizziness or drowsiness)
  • Walk daily to improve leg strength and endurance
  • Monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Always count to at least three when coming up to standing before taking a step

What Can You Do To Prevent Falls In The Home?

  • Remove all non-secured throw rugs
  • Clear walking paths of furniture or electrical cords
  • Ensure handrails on both sides of steps are sturdy
  • Have good lighting on stairs, outside paths, and walkway between bedroom and bathroom
  • Go up steps with “strong” leg and down with "bad" leg
  • Keep commonly used items at level that is easy to reach
  • Use grab bars inside and outside of tub and shower
  • Keep a phone on you at all times or purchase a personal emergency response system

Feel at risk for falls? Talk to your doctor, get a referral for a Physical Therapy evaluation at 216-286-7342 (REHAB).