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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Telehealth Services

University Hospitals telehealth rehabilitation, or virtual visits, provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to facilitate ongoing treatment when a patient may have limited access. This service helps with discharge planning, caregiver education, and improved adherence to home therapy programs.

Learn More About Virtual Rehabilitation Services

If you would like to schedule a telehealth rehab appointment, please discuss this option with your therapist or call 216-785-2710.

Why Choose Telehealth Rehabilitation?

Telehealth can be a viable alternative to seeing a therapist in the clinic. Benefits of virtual rehabilitation services include:

  • Improved access to care, especially if transportation or weather conditions limits ability to travel
  • Improved convenience when schedules make it difficult to attend in person
  • Improved engagement and self-management when a patient is empowered by choices
  • Adaptable care that fits your environment
  • Improved success rates, with patients being more likely to stick to home programs

Telehealth Rehabilitation Specialty Services

Services and conditions we treat include:

  • Home program education: Progression, assessment of performance, resources and modifications
  • Home safety
  • Chronic pain management strategies, mirror therapy and lifestyle education
  • Cognitive rehabilitation for memory loss or executive function disorders such as difficulty with problem solving, reasoning and judgement
  • Energy conservation and work simplification education
  • Speech disorder therapy
  • Discharge planning and addressing needs for home
  • Range of motion testing via projected screen tools to measure progress
  • Functional movement baselines performed within home environment. (e.g., use of computer set up, bathroom mobility, cooking, stair navigation, bending to load dishwasher)

Initial Telehealth visits are determined on a case-by-case basis with your therapist. Best therapeutic interventions and safety are our priority to return patients back to the activities they love.

Access Virtual Rehabilitation Services

Telehealth therapy visits can be done anywhere you have internet access, from your smartphone or any computer with a webcam. Find out if telehealth therapy is right for you: discuss this option with your therapist or call 216-785-2710.