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Brain Health & Memory

Offering Treatment For Brain Health & Memory Disorders in Northeast Ohio

If you or your loved one are experiencing a change in thinking or memory issue that is affecting in your day-to-day activities, it is important to be checked by a brain health neurology specialist. The multidisciplinary brain health and memory neurology team treats a wide variety of cognitive and memory disorders. These may involve sudden memory loss, long- or short-term memory loss, language impairment, learning disabilities or memory issues caused by injury. We work with patients to understand the issues they face and help them develop a path toward improved brain health.

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Types of Cognitive Disorders

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Medical Advances and the Importance of a Compassionate Approach

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Our specialized brain health and memory team at University Hospitals Neurology Institute, offers comprehensive treatment for a range of conditions that affect how the brain functions and retains memories including:

For both routine and more significant issues, our board-certified neurologists have the experience and expertise to diagnose, treat and deliver personalized neurological care to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Cognitive Function Care Plan for Memory Disorders

New FDA Approved Medication for Alzheimer’s Disease

University Hospitals is now offering lecanemab therapy for select patients with symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease, including mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia.

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Taking a holistic approach to promote overall wellness is a top priority at University Hospitals. Our neurological specialists work collaboratively across disciplines to make sure a patient’s physical, mental and emotional needs are met. Every patient in our care for memory disorders is also assigned a social worker to help navigate their treatment experience across any clinical specialty.

On the first visit, a group of providers, including social workers, nurses, and physicians, perform a series of clinical and psychological tests to gauge memory and the ability to complete everyday tasks. During this time, the team also determines what other medical conditions could be affecting brain function and memory. The team then develops a customized treatment plan that addresses the medical, emotional and social issues connected to your condition.

Treatment plans are based on the latest research and most effective drug therapies available. With multiple locations, we also provide treatment close to home, making it easy for you or your loved one to access the services needed.

Family and Patient Support for Coping with Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders

We view patients and family as key members of the memory loss treatment team. Our team works hard to make sure you and your loved ones receive all the support and resources needed. We strive to help patients understand and feel comfortable with their entire treatment plan. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

In addition, we partner with several community organizations, such as caregiver support groups, that work with patients and their families to handle the challenges associated with memory impairment. If you would like to learn more about our services or available resources, please contact one of our team members at any of our convenient locations.

Expertise in Neurological Research to Improve Cognitive Function

At the forefront of innovative research with studies underway in the areas of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, we are advancing care for cognitive and memory disorders. Through this research at University Hospitals, we are exploring next-generation innovations to improve treatment options available to our patients.

Patient Resources

Information and helpful links to clinical trials, support groups and medical associations.

Research & Clinical Trials

Our team of physicians and scientists work closely to conduct research and clinical trials to better understand and care for patients affected by these disorders.

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