University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network Partners with Health Professionals

We seek to partner with health professionals to make it simple for physicians to refer patients to the appropriate integrative medicine treatment for them. Learn more about referring patients to UH Connor Integrative Health Network:

Integrative Medicine Research

More and more studies are showing the proven benefits of integrative medicine therapies on our health and well-being. Learn more about the research being conducted:

Educational Opportunities for Optimal Health

There is no better way to convey what integrative medicine offers for optimal health than to offer training and education to health care professionals as well as patients.

The training and education developed and delivered by UH Connor Integrative Health Network has several goals, including:

  • Introduction to, and enhanced awareness of, integrative medicine modalities, therapies and techniques
  • Instruction about relevant and critical topics such as stress, moods and mindfulness and positive-mindedness that promote well-being and optimal health
  • Training of physicians, nurses and other clinical health care professionals to enhance their own well-being and effectively use integrative medicine to benefit themselves and their patients

Our network of integrative medicine professionals is currently creating a menu of such opportunities, including seminars, workshops and retreats. Some of the programs may offer continuing medical education credits.

Heal the Healer

One of the seminars we have held in the past is Heal the Healer. Through this seminar, caregivers learned how to take better care of themselves so they could take better care of their patients or family. In 2015, a capacity crowd of 330 caregivers attended.

Talks by UH experts ranged from how to maintain healthy muscles – crucial in a field like nursing – to using mindfulness to avoid burnout.

Attendees received CME credit, and many said they appreciated a day in which they could partake of massage, guided imagery and yoga to keep themselves strong and flexible, in body and mind.

Research Study for Patients with Pre-Hypertension

UH Connor Integrative Health Network is currently recruiting patients to participate in a research study that looks at ways to manage pre-hypertension through lifestyle changes, including stress management. The Serenity Study is being funded through a grant from the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute and is being conducted in collaboration with Kent State University and the University of Pennsylvania. The study is designed to test whether stress management training can help lower blood pressure among individuals with pre-hypertension. Ninety participants will be sought. To learn more about the study, eligibility and how your patients can get involved, go to our research project section.

Acupuncture Study for Fibromyalgia Patients

UH Connor Integrative Medicine Network and University Hospitals Eye Institute are currently recruiting patients to participate in a clinical trial studying the effectiveness of acupuncture to treat dry eye symtoms in fibromyalgia patients. Patient with dry eye symptoms may have eyes that feel dry, painful, gritty or strained. To qualify, a patient must be age 18 to 65, have a clinical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, have moderate dry eye symptoms, and must be willing to receive acupuncture. Eligible patients should be referred to UH Eye Institute for evaluation of their dry eye symptoms.

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If you have questions about our program or the services we provide, please call us at 216-285-4070.

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