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Hospital at Home

Comprehensive Inpatient Care. All the Comforts of Home

Hospital-at-Home is a new program offered by University Hospitals that provides comprehensive, inpatient care at the patient’s home instead of the hospital. The Medicare-sponsored program reflects a growing trend across the country in which healthcare is shifting away from hospital-based care to a home-based model. UH is one of the first health systems in the region to offer this option to eligible patients.

To speak with a nurse about Hospital at Home, please call 216-844-2200, 24/7.

UH Hospital-at-Home
UH Hospital-at-Home is an innovative, voluntary program that allows patients who would be admitted to a hospital to recover at home safely and comfortably, while maintaining hospital-level care.
The Benefits of Receiving Inpatient Care at Home

Being cared for at home can have a significant positive effect on patient recovery and health outcomes. Benefits may include:

  • Reduced stress and length of stay associated with traditional inpatient stays
  • Improved recovery times, due to a familiar environment and the presence and support of loved ones
  • Decreased use of emergency medical services
  • Less risk of hospital-acquired infections
  • Family members can be included in care planning, even those who live far away
Testimonial from Ms. J. - particularly enjoyed the meal service and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to heal at home. She was grateful that her children were able to participate in her care from afar and conveyed how hopeful she is that this program will expand to reach more patients like herself.

How Are Patients Cared For at Home?

The evaluation of the patient for the program will typically begin in the emergency department. If the patient is determined to be eligible, the Hospital-at-Home team will have an initial meeting to plan for their meals, medications, and the delivery and set up of any specialized medical equipment that may be required. The patient will then be safely transported to their home by our dedicated team of paramedics.

Testimonial from Mr. I. - jumped at the opportunity to participate in the program. His wife was also at home with COVID-19 and he was very concerned who would care for her if he was admitted into the hospital. He was so impressed by the benefits of remote monitoring, he requested that his wife be monitored in the same way. His team quickly enrolled his wife in the program, providing greater piece of mind for the entire family. Mr. I. has since changed his PCP to a UH physician and he and his wife both conveyed their gratitude for the program and the care they received.

Once settled at home, the patient will be actively cared for with the following services:

Testimonial from Mrs. G.

was extremely thankful for the opportunity to receive care at home and raved about all the caregivers who participated in her plan of care. Her daughter also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to have been able to participate in her mom’s care virtually and be informed every step of the way. The entire family was impressed by how powerful the program was in relieving the stress associated with a traditional hospital admission.

Testimonial from Mrs. M.

was elated with the quick and creative response of the team and believes that the steps taken to improve her nutrition intake aided her recovery. Her daughters thought the program offers an amazing use of technology and loved the collaboration of the team. They were both very involved throughout Mrs. M.’s admission and could not say enough great things about the program.

Who is Eligible for Hospital-at-Home Care?

Eligibility for Hospital-at-Home care will be determined by the patient’s medical needs and their willingness to receive care at home. The program is voluntary and some people may feel more comfortable receiving care in a traditional hospital setting and that is entirely their choice. Both the patient and their physician must agree that receiving care at home is both safe and appropriate. Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Must have a diagnosis that requires inpatient hospital care, as determined by a medical provider
  • Must have traditional Medicare insurance coverage
  • Must have and be able to use the required communication tools (Smart phone, iPad or tablet)
  • Must be able to independently manage the activities of daily life, including going to the bathroom

For their safety, patients with a secondary condition such as active cancer (other than melanoma or prostate cancer), end-stage kidney disease, or acute heart & vascular disease are not eligible for Hospital-at-Home care.

Janora’s Story

Read one patient’s account of the care she received under the UH Hospital-at Home program and why she would recommend it to anyone who is eligible.