Patients Share Stories of Survival After Experiencing Life-Threatening Heart Events

The following stories are stories of survival. These patients came to University Hospitals for help when the unthinkable happened to them; many of them had no idea that they were even at risk for a heart disease. Find out about the symptoms these patients experienced, and about the life-saving treatment they received through UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute that led them down the road to recovery.

Albert's Story

Vein Bypass Surgery Helps an Active 81-Year-Old Enjoy a Pain-Free Life Again

Anthony's Story

Anthony's Story

Anthony Galas, single and scared, was looking for revival after surrendering his independence and livelihood to survive a heart transplant.

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Bobby's Story

Bobby Shea died five times on the way to the hospital. But University Hospitals Parma Medical Center and Brooklyn EMS weren't going to let him go without a fight

Cheri's Story

Cheri's Story

That Monday night in September 2016 started like any other for Twinsburg resident Cheri Eyink, uneventful, routine. Suddenly, a crushing pain across her back, from armpit to armpit, drove her to the bedroom floor and changed her life.

Craig's Story

When business traveler Craig Horning suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, the fast-acting heart & vascular team at University Hospitals saved his life with a minimally invasive procedure.

Dan's Story

Dan's Story

Many factors can determine a person's outcome after suffering a heart-related medical event - age, family history, and of course, the severity and type of heart event that occurs. But for Dan Steinbrenner, it was where he went into cardiac arrest,...

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Doctor Michael Shaughnessy's Story

Gregory Stefano, MD with Franklin Briggs at the UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute at UH Geauga Medical Center

Franklin’s Story

A Northeast Ohio man who experienced what likely would have been a deadly heart attack is home with his family thanks to the steadfast medical professionals determined to save his life.

Glynn's Story

After a hospital stay to treat his cardiomyopathy and abdominal symptoms, Glynn Crawford went home wearing a special vest that automatically delivers a treatment shock if an abnormal heart rhythm is detected. It worked and likely saved his life.

Helen's Story

Short of breath while walking into her doctor's office at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, the grandmother of five was expecting bad news. At 89, the widow knew she couldn't undergo the lengthy recovery of open heart surgery, which her...

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James’ Story

James Bates of Mantua began experiencing chest pains. Six minutes after arriving at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, a 100 percent blockage of his proximal right coronary artery was discovered and relieved.

Jeff's Story

On the morning of October 2, 2017, Jeff Colvin awoke with pain in his chest. The long-haul driver from Alabama had spent the night in his 18-wheel semi tractor-trailer at an Austinburg, Ohio truck stop before heading out for another full day on...

Jim's Story

Jim's Story

On February 2016, Jim Burry visited Argentina and hiked in the Andes Mountains. In just one day, the 76-year-old from Cleveland Heights hiked 10 miles - on an incline the equivalent of 80 floors - and recorded 30,000 steps.

John's Story

When 57 year old John Woloszyn decided to indulge a spontaneous craving for BBQ, he had no idea that his choice of restaurant would save his life.

Kara's Story

Kara King, 33, of Fostoria, Ohio, was born with cystic fibrosis, a chronic disease that affects every organ in the body. But it wasn't until 2004 when she gave birth to her son Draven, whom she refers to as a blessing, that the disease began to...

LaBryan's Story

This spring, 46-year-old LaBryan Swain of Elyria was experiencing excruciating pain that disrupted his life to the point that he could barely move.

Larry's Story

On June, 2016, 68-year-old Larry Sekula's heart was no longer able to pump the blood his body required.

Lauren's Story

When 28-year-old Lauren Arnold experienced sporadic episodes of heart palpitations and neck pain, she did what most of us do – rested for a couple of minutes until it went away.

Lee's Story

When 69 year old Lee Rankin was advised by his cardiologist to undergo cardiac rehabilitation, he listened. He lost weight, gained muscle mass and now enjoys greatly improved overall health thanks to his efforts and those of his rehab team.

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Liz’s Story

It was Mother's Day 2014, and Gary Wagner was doing some yard work. "I came in because I was not feeling well," Gary recalls. "I had lot of back pain. I went upstairs in the bathroom to get into the Jacuzzi. Liz heard me fall."

Manny's Story

When 58-year-old Manny Rodriguez, an experienced runner, felt some frightening symptoms after a 13-mile run, he turned to Marwan Ghazoul, MD, and the heart and vascular experts at UH Elyria Medical Center for help.

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Megan’s Story

Megan Roberts was in her second day back to work at Cline Plumbing after seven weeks off with her newborn son, her third child. "I had chest pains," she recalls of the September Day back in 2015, "and my boss took me to the local ER."

Mike Webster's Story

When Mike Webster's daughter, Wendy Yeary, suggested that he have a cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging test for coronary artery calcium scoring, he thought it would be a waste of time.

Mike's Story

Mike DeWalt squeezed his wife’s hand one last time before he died. There wasn’t much time left – everything was going dark.

Patricia's Story

At 71, Patricia Weldon was going strong, enjoying retirement, her hobbies and socializing with friends. Until one day her right leg started to swell.

Raheem's Story

Seconds before going into cardiac arrest after a basketball game with friends at Case Western Reserve University, Raheem Stanfield told a friend he might need an ambulance.

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Reverand Harry Werner's Story

Heart attack patient Richard Mack and the Shock Team at University Hospitals

Richard's Story

Richard Mack was outside raking leaves when he started experiencing severe chest pain. At the ER, doctors determined that he was having a heart attack and the UH Shock Team was called into action.

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Ruth’s Story

Ruth Wright went into heart failure on the morning of her daughter's wedding in June of 2015. "I woke up and I couldn't breathe," she remembers.

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Sean's Story

Flu symptoms masked the signs of Sean’s heart attack.

Teresa Harrison

Teresa’s Story

When cancer treatment impacted Teresa Harrison’s heart, she turned to UH’s cardio-oncology team of experts for life-saving care.

The Read Family, pictured in 2004

The Read's Family Story

In 1976, 52-year-old Louise Read came to cardiologist Michel Farah, MD for treatment for congestive heart failure. This was the start of a case that Dr. Farah has followed for 42 years and counting.

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