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On-Site Clinics Offer Employees Convenient Access to Care

On-Site Clinic Advantages

UH can tailor on-site services to support your organization’s needs. Advantages include:

  • Cost savings. On-site clinics provide care at significantly lower costs rather than sending employees to the emergency room, urgent care or to see a specialist.
  • Quality care. We staff your clinic with experienced nurse practitioners, who are equipped to provide immediate, cost-effective care to ill or injured employees. In addition to providing medical care, your dedicated nursing team can also engage employees in health education and initiatives.
  • Increased productivity. Employees remain on-site with less wait time for doctor appointments. They may also seek medical attention sooner, which can result in reduced absenteeism.
  • Employee engagement. On-site clinics demonstrate your commitment to employees’ overall health and well-being as well as helping them achieve their personal health goals.

On-Site Clinic Care and Treatment Options

UH provides three types of on-site clinics that you can choose from, depending on your organization’s specific needs: