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University Hospitals Promotes Clinical Nutrition Services for Patients with Cancer

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, proper nutrition becomes a critical part of therapy. Eating adequately before, during and after treatment helps patients feel better, stay stronger and recover faster.

At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, our oncology dieticians can help patients cope with nutrition-related side effects of therapy and give tips to maintain good nutrition during this time.

Our team is comprised of board-licensed professionals, most with advanced degrees and some who are specialized and certified in oncology, who understand cancer, cancer treatments and their side effects. Our dieticians work closely with oncologists, nurses and social workers to ensure than patients have the most comprehensive care available, both during their hospital stay and as outpatients. Services include nutrition assessment, guidance, education and intensive nutrition support when needed.

The oncology dieticians at UH Seidman Cancer Center can meet with patients before cancer treatment begins or any time during treatment. Our staff will:

  • Ask questions about the patient’s eating habits and weight history to help determine the appropriate nutrition therapy
  • Explain the nutrition-related side affects of cancer treatment and provide diet guidelines to help manage them
  • Give tips on how to maintain proper nutrition throughout the treatment process
  • Check on nutrition status and weight on a regular basis in order to prevent weight loss during cancer treatment
  • Recommend nutrition supplements or support if further steps are required to stabilize nutrition status

Providing Individualized Nutrition Support Based on Each Patient’s Unique Needs

The dieticians at UH Seidman Cancer Center provide support and services based on each patient’s individual needs following personalized nutrition assessments. Services we provide to cancer patients include:

  • Assessments to determine current nutrition status and to help direct nutrition therapy during and after treatment
  • Counseling and education on appropriate diets and nutritional needs during treatment
  • Weight maintenance or weight gain strategies for patients who are losing weight
  • Guidance on appropriate nutrition supplements for patients who have trouble eating and/or have significant weight loss
  • Nutrition support, which may involve feeding through a tube or through an IV in the veins
  • Eating hints to reduce treatment side effects such as: fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, taste changes, and dental, gum and mouth problems that affect eating
  • Help in controlling blood sugar for people on steroids or people with diabetes
  • Nutrition care to help maintain growth and development in pediatric patients
  • Information on food-medication interactions
  • Information on herbal supplement, vitamins, minerals and nutrition-related complementary therapies

Nutrition Services Available at Convenient Locations

The oncology dietitians at UH strive to build long-term relationships with patients and families. Following cancer treatment, patients may consult these dietitians on an outpatient basis at either UH Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland or at satellite locations.

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