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Discharge Planning in Care Coordination Model

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Provides Discharge Planning When Patients Go Home

The transition from hospital to home is sometimes stressful for patients with cancer and their families. That is why Supportive Oncology Services at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, provides discharge planning to help make that move home as smooth and safe as possible.

The discharge planning team at UH is made up of nurse home care coordinators, case managers and social workers who work with the primary medical or surgical team to assess each patient’s needs and to make sure patients have what they need once they leave the hospital, whether they are going home or to another healthcare facility.

To ensure a smooth transition, the trained medical team at UH Seidman Cancer Center will discuss the discharge plan in advance with the patient and the family. Patients are encouraged to raise concerns they have about going home early in the discharge process. In fact, individuals should contact a UH nurse if they have special concerns related to the day of discharge.

Seidman Cancer Center Welcomes Patients’ Input

Upon returning home, patients may receive a satisfaction survey from UH. We ask that individuals take a few minutes to complete these post-discharge surveys.

At UH Seidman Cancer Center, we strive for excellent ratings (5 on the rating scale) and strongly encourage patients to speak up if we are not meeting their expectations.

Follow-Up Appointments

To schedule appointments after your discharge home: