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Advances in Acute Leukemia Treatments

At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, we have made significant advances in research and discovery with stem cell transplant procedures. We offer a range of transplant options and work closely with patients to find the optimal donor match, using an alternative donor if a matched donor cannot be found. Access to these innovative treatment options gives acute leukemia patients more life-saving opportunities.

The treatment for acute leukemia is dependent on several factors including the type of acute leukemia that is present, the age and general health of a patient, if the patient has received treatment before, whether the leukemia has relapsed and if it is found in the central nervous system.

In many cases, chemotherapy, which are medications that help fight cancer, will be recommended. Chemotherapy can be given by mouth or through IV (intravenous) and often requires weeks to months of treatment. Radiation therapy may also be used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Stem cell transplants for cancer can be a viable option for those with acute leukemia. In the transplant process, our team is able to use higher-dose chemotherapy treatments to kill more cancer cells. Normally, these high doses damage bone marrow too significantly, but this approach is viable because we will replace the bone marrow with a donor’s healthy cells. We do this by putting them into a patient’s bloodstream, usually through a catheter tube called a central venous catheter so they grow and produce healthy cells.

Access to Innovative Leukemia-Specific Clinical Trials

As an academic medical center, our patients may qualify for leukemia-specific clinical trials which will allow access to new, developing therapies.

Both newly diagnosed leukemia patients and those who have relapsed can improve their potential for a cure through our innovative clinical trials and treatments.

Why Choose University Hospitals for Acute Leukemia Diagnosis and Treatment

Our multidisciplinary team provides both personalized attention and cutting-edge technology for acute leukemia diagnosis and treatment. With our rapidly growing transplant program and abundance of clinical trials, our patients with chronic leukemia receive the highest quality of care.

For more information about our stem cell transplant procedures or to learn more about stem cell transplant benefits for cancer treatment, please contact one of our team members.