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DNA Analysis Leads to Customized Cancer Medications

Genomic medicine, also known as personalized medicine, analyzes gene sequences in a person’s DNA and uses that information to customize medical care to his or her unique genetic makeup. Because most cancers are associated with damaged or mutated DNA, examining tumor cells at a molecular level can help scientists develop targeted medicines designed to specifically target cancer cells.

Currently, genomic medicine has more implications for the treatment of lung cancer than any other cancer, with breast cancer a close second. In the future, however, it may hold the key to more precise predictions of prognosis, optimal treatment, survival and quality of life for people with a wide variety of cancers.

A lab device used in genomic testing

Why Genomic Testing is Important for Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments have evolved, because we understand the genes that drive cancer better. With genomic testing, we are able to see what is driving the cancer and use treatments to turn it off.
A series of Petri dishes in a lab testing environment

Genetic Testing vs Genomic Testing – Understanding the Difference

Genetic testing is testing of your genes, whereas genomic testing is the testing of the DNA of a cancer or tumor to better understand what therapies we have to treat or cure it.
Theodoros Teknos, MD shares his perspective on the impact of genomic testing in cancer treatment

Impact of Genomic Testing

Genomic testing has led to more targeted therapies for cancer treatment. Theodoros Teknos, MD, President & Scientific Director at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, shares his perspective on the impact of genomic testing in cancer treatment.

Multidisciplinary Genomics Tumor Board for Breast Cancer Patients

This team of experts, which includes clinicians, molecular biologists and geneticists, provides personalized recommendations for breast cancer patients based on tumor genome sequencing. The molecular abnormalities discovered by the sequencing of breast cancers provide important targets that may respond to specific drug therapies. The tumor board provides recommendations to patients and their providers regarding what specific treatments and clinical trials may be best for that patient.

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