Saideep Bose, MD

Saideep Bose, MD

Postgraduate Year Four (PGY5)

Medical School: Duke National University – Singapore

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Jones Thomas, MD

Jones Thomas, MD

Postgraduate Year Three (PGY4)

Medical School: R.W. Johnson University

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Jason Turner, MD

Jason Turner, MD

Postgraduate Year Two (PGY3)

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

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Justin Smith, MD

Justin Smith, MD

Postgraduate Year One (PGY2)

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University

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Avkash Patel, MD

Postgraduate Year One (PGY1)

Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine

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Our Alumni

  • 2020 Matthew Janko, MD
    Post-Grad Placement: University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
  • 2019 Gabriel Crowl, MD
  • 2018 Gener Augustin, MD
  • 2017 Stephen Plato, MD
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