University Hospitals Regional Hospitals Internal Medicine Residency Program

The UH Regional Hospitals Internal Medicine Residency Program is a traditional three year program. The three year program is ACGME accredited.

During their training, residents are exposed to various aspects of medicine including rural medicine, hospital medicine and a variety of medical subspecialties. Subspecialties include cardiology, pulmonology, hematology/oncology, rheumatology, infectious disease, and gastroenterology. Special concentration is given to neurology and geriatric medicine. Most of the training is conducted at the campuses of UH Regional Hospitals (UH Richmond and Bedford medical centers). However, residents will also have training rotations at UH Cleveland Medical Center and UH Geauga Medical Center.

The UH Regional Hospitals Internal Medicine Clinic, which is conveniently located across the street from UH Richmond Medical Center, provides residents with opportunities to care for underserved patients in and around the Richmond Heights, Ohio area.

For each of the three years, residents will work alongside residents and interns from other programs including Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Family Medicine and Podiatry. Together, they strive to provide the best possible patient care under the careful guidance and supervision of the dedicated faculty present at each facility.

A unique characteristic of the UH Regional Hospitals Internal Medical Residency Program is that we are participating in the ACGME Osteopathic Recognition which ensures that your osteopathic training will be continued throughout residency.

For More Information

Please contact Brian Malby for allopathic applicant special requirements.

Tamar Bejanishvili, MD FACP
Internal Medicine Program Director
UH Regional Hospitals

For more information regarding the Internal Medicine Residency program including scheduling audition rotations, applying to the program and everything else, feel free to contact:

Brian Malby
Internal Medicine Residency Program Coordinator
Office Number: 440-585-7125