Many physicians choose family medicine because it is a field conducive to establishing a balance between one’s personal and professional interests. The UH Regional Family Medicine Residency maintains a curriculum focused on quality clinical experiences, while also allowing its residents ample time to explore personal interests and maintain strong relationships with family and friends. This model gives the resident an opportunity to better understand how a work/life balance can be easily established and maintained without fear of burnout or sacrifice

Resident Testimonials

“My wife and I regularly find time to enjoy many of the Cleveland area Metroparks, museums and theaters, professional sporting events, great restaurants, and numerous unique neighborhoods that have helped shape this historic area. No matter your professional or personal interests, we think you will easily find yourself feeling at home in Northeast Ohio and even more so as a member of our Family Medicine team.”
– Bradley Patton, DO, 2017

“I am very happy with my experience so far as a third year resident at UH Regional FM program. I feel I have been given the opportunity to learn and develop my skills to be a competent and skilled physician upon graduation. There is a lot of flexibility to tailor your training to your personal professional interests. The program director, DME and medical education specialists will go to no end to ensure your success. Being under the umbrella of a larger system such as University Hospitals provides many additional opportunities. One of the things that sets this program apart is the genuine family feel. You are always treated with respect as a person, not just another resident or employee. I am proud to be a member of such a talented and compassionate group of people.”
– Feng Zhao, DO, 2017

“Great people! I came from another program, and Drs. Leone and Rowane listened to my strengths/weaknesses and interests to help me tailor my remaining residency to becoming the best resident and future doctor that I can be. Also, the value of being a well-rounded person is amazing in this program; they certainly value family.”
– Anna Dang, DO, 2016

“I was afforded the opportunity to complete my family medicine residency through UH Regional Hospitals after completing my internship elsewhere. While here, I was able to train in various specialties in a variety of urban, suburban and rural settings. Additionally, I was allowed the flexibility to mold my curriculum in a manner which fit me best and provided the skills to become the physician I wanted to become. Now, as a practicing physician, I realize how beneficial these experiences were in preparing to practice in whichever practice I chose. I practice in an underserved region with limited resources. I not only obtained the clinical knowledge to practice independently, but I’ve also gained a network and family of support along the way.”
– Elaina Williams, DO, 2016

“I was provided an opportunity to focus on my interests within the vast scope that is family medicine. While in residency I was given the opportunity to complete a Masters in Medical Education through Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, as well as complete an online Integrative Medicine Curriculum through the University of Arizona, all while having a young family and preparing for boards. I was able to attend several national Family Practice Meetings in addition to complete a workshop in Prolotherapy through the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation in Wisconsin. This is a great program and allows learners the autonomy to explore and experience parts of medicine they are most interested in and exposure to diversity that other training sites may lack. For example, I had opportunities to assist in deliveries at a small Amish birthing center in Middlefield, Ohio, as well as in a tertiary care center of UH Cleveland Medical Center.”
– Susan Ratay, DO, 2015