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Osteopathic Prerequisites

Prerequisites for non-Osteopathic physicians to enter UHCC Family Medicine Osteopathic Residency

The following prerequisites are required for a US – LCME Accredited Medical School, Canadian Medical School or a Non-US Medical School graduate to complete PRIOR to entering the UHCC Family Medicine Residency. Matched MD residents provide documentation of completing the following:

A minimum of 72 hours of formal training in Osteopathic Principles and Practices, including the application of OMT. The hours must include:

  • 12 hours of formal didactics, provided by an accredited organization (AOA, AAO, AACOM, ACOFP, ACOEP, ACOPMR and ACOI) osteopathic medical school, or a training site with AOA and or ACGME Osteopathic Principles and Practices, including the application of OMT.
  • 60 hours in a clinical setting where OPP/OMT is utilized as a significant contribution in the management of patients under the supervision of an osteopathically trained physician


Complete the following modules and assignments by the assigned dates prior to the start of residency on July 1st.

OPP readings | 6 hours
Will provide

Scholar Teacher CervicoThoracic | 3 hours

Scholar Teacher rib dysfunction | 3 hours

CAOM OMM Conference | 8 hours
PGY1 year

Hands on training | 10 hours
upon arrival

Text: Basic MSMS: Rowane | 20 hours
Provided upon arrival

Scholar Series | 10 hours