For Elective Students

For all our Department of Radiology medical school electives, we have standardized assignments and quizzes utilized for grading. There are two quizzes for a four-week elective (or one quiz for a two-week elective). Students are also expected to complete at least one case presentation about an interesting imaging study reviewed during the elective. Please see the linked documents below for further details:

The final grade will be a combination of the weekly quizzes, case reports and conference attendance.

  • Quiz One – 40 points (weeks one and two)
  • Quiz Two – 40 points (weeks three and four)
  • Case Presentation – 15 points
  • Aquifer Cases – 20 points
  • Attendance – 20 points
  • Forms – 15 points

Final Grade

  • Honors 95-100 percent (142 points or greater)
  • Commendable 81-94 percent (120-141 points)
  • Satisfactory 71-80 percent (105-119 points)
  • Unsatisfactory <70 percent (104 points or less)

Borderline grades can be raised based on the End of Rotation Assessment.