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Salary & Benefits

The Graduate Medical Education office maintains a comprehensive detailed list of up-to-date resident benefits and salary information.

Duty Hours, Call and Moonlighting

The pathology graduate medical education programs are committed to comply with limits on duty hours, resident call activities and moonlighting activities required by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and adopted by the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Vacation and Leave of Absence

Residents are allotted four weeks of paid vacation per year, usually scheduled in one week blocks. Time away from work to attend scientific meetings where the resident presents his own work is considered as time on duty if approved in advance by the program director.

Institutional policies governing all other absences are detailed in UH Cleveland Medical Center's Residents' and Fellows' Manual. Please refer to specific sections of the manual for information pertaining to bereavement leave, jury duty, sick time, family medical leave, maternity/paternity Leave, extended leave of absence, and professional leave of absence. Be aware that the period of training may have to be extended if non-vacation leave is taken. Please contact the Program Director as soon as any unscheduled leave is anticipated.