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Translational Research Program

Multidisciplinary Research Program Focused On Improving Care for Gynecologic Cancer Patients

The Gynecologic Oncology Translational Research Program brings together a multidisciplinary group of dedicated translational research scientists, gynecologic oncologists, clinical fellows, pathologists, informatics scientists and biostatisticians focused on understanding the molecular defects associated with gynecologic cancer initiation, progression and chemoresistance and developing novel treatments and diagnostic strategies.

Through this program we have developed an extensive gynecologic tumor biobank that includes snap-frozen tumor tissue, patient serum, novel primary cancer cell lines, and patient-derived mouse xenografts. Additionally, a computer-integrated gynecologic cancer patient database has been established in order to ensure translation of basic discoveries into improved therapies and management of the disease.

Our Research

Some research highlights from this program include the discovery of a novel microRNA, miR-181a, that correlates with poor ovarian cancer patient outcome and can potentially be used as a prognostic or diagnostic biomarker given its exclusive expression in serum of patients with high-grade serous ovarian cancer. In addition, members of our program are actively developing a widely available integrative ovarian cancer resource, which was developed through a comprehensive web-based patient survey. This resource will serve both women affected by ovarian cancer so that they can obtain relevant information about their disease, and healthcare providers so that they can understand the concerns and issues that are most important to the patient. Ultimately, this program provides the infrastructure for innovative gynecologic cancer research and unites a multidisciplinary group of individuals dedicated to improve detection, treatment and awareness of these cancers.