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Prevention Rotation

Cardiology fellows at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, will participate in a two-week rotation in preventive cardiovascular medicine (PCM) during their first year. During this rotation, fellows will gain exposure to a variety of different clinics and screening/diagnostic tests appropriate for cardiovascular risk stratification and prevention. By the end of this rotation, fellows should be able to identify, address and treat cardiovascular risk factors according to evidence-based guidelines.

Clinical Content and Fellow Responsibilities

Fellows in the Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine rotation will receive valuable learning experiences, including:

Lipid Clinic/High-Risk Prevention Clinic

Fellows will work with a General/Preventive Cardiologist in the Lipid Clinic/High-Risk Prevention Clinic for exposure to advanced lipid management and high-risk patients. Please contact preceptors David Zidar, MD, (Chagrin) or Claire Sullivan MD, (Westlake/VA) directly. Fellows will see patients and develop a diagnostic and treatment plan to address complex dyslipidemia.

Special Immunology Unit (SIU) Prevention Clinic

Fellows will participate in 1-2 sessions with Christopher Longenecker, MD, at the Special Immunology Unit (SIU) Prevention Clinic on Wednesdays. This preventive cardiology clinic is specifically geared toward treating the HIV population. Through this experience, fellows will gain insight into primary and secondary prevention in patients with HIV, a population at increased cardiovascular risk.

Diabetes Clinic

Fellows will participate in at least one eight-hour session at the Diabetes Clinic, including an introduction to diabetic teaching; contact is Carol Campbell (x43144). Contact Arman Rajpal, MD, (Endocrinologist at the VA) for at least two clinic sessions as well.

Smoking Cessation

Fellows will gain exposure to smoking cessation counseling by working alongside Marianne Vest. Schedule varies, but fellows should page or email her to see when the next smoking cessation appointments are available. Through this experience, fellows will learn about nicotine replacement therapies, smoking cessation techniques, and resources available for smoking cessation.

Complete online Tobacco Cessation training module (created by Richard Josephson, MD). 1) Login to UH GPS via Oracle. 2) Search "Tobacco Cessation" and 'Launch'

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Fellows are expected to attend at least two sessions in Cardiac Rehabilitation at UH Minoff Health Center at Chagrin Highlands. Contact Julie Allen (216-839-4515) to schedule.

Exercise Testing

Under the guidance of Trevor Jenkins, MD, fellows will gain exposure to various different exercise tests, including invasive exercise right heart catheterizations and cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET). Schedule varies depending upon cases, so please contact Dr. Jenkins directly.

Educational Resources

Other important educational resources for Cardiology fellows in the Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine (PCM) Rotation are as follows:

  • CardioSource Plus (available as a Fellow In Training via the American College of Cardiology (ACC) website while on a UH IP address)
    • Sections of note: Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Disease, Prevention, Dyslipidemia, and Sports and Exercise Cardiology
    • ACC SAP 9 is available for question/case-based learning
  • ACC has a great website and under the Prevention section there are links to many topics
  • Clinical Lipidology Resource Center (website) with lots of resources sponsored by the NLA

For More Information

For more information on the Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine (PCM) rotation, please contact:

Claire Sullivan, MD