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UH Ahuja Medical Center Rotation

Fellows in the University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center Rotation will get acquainted with community-based practice and hone skills that are of interest to the individual. The rotation can be tailored to the fellow's career interests.

Clinical Content and Fellow Responsibilities

On the first day (Thursday), the fellow is expected to see/staff inpatient consults with the nurse practitioners and attending for the day (Thursday: Barbara Williams, MD). All consults are initially seen by an NP, who then staffs it with the attending. On the first day, fellows are expected to understand the workflow. On subsequent days, the NPs should staff some consults directly with the fellow, who can then briefly run the case by the relevant attending.

On the second day (Friday), the focus is on inpatient consults (Attending: Chad Raymond, MD), with the goal of staffing consults with NPs directly and running the management plan by Dr. Raymond.

After the first two days, fellows can choose to spend their time based on their interests.

Transesophageal Echocardiogram Experience

Fellows are expected to perform most transesophageal echocardiograms (TEEs). Usually, the concerned attending will inform the fellow of a TEE and its time/location. Consent is usually obtained by the attending.

At least one day (and typically more) should be spent in performing TTEs with the sonographers. Ask any of the inpatient attendings to put you in touch with the charge nurse for the day.

On inpatient consult days, you can put a preliminary read on echocardiograms of patients that you have seen.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Fellows interested in cardiac cath are encouraged to spend time in the cath lab. Interventional fellows also rotate through UH Ahuja Medical Center cath lab on some days. Either Dr. Wolf or Dr. Cunningham will be attending.

Electrophysiology Lab

Electrophysiology procedures (EPs) at UH Ahuja Medical Center are done by Dr. Thal, and there is usually no EP fellow. Those interested in spending time in the EP lab should let Dr. Thal know beforehand and find out his schedule of cases.

Outpatient Clinic Participation

Fellows should spend at least one day participating in attending clinic. The idea is to get acquainted with how a busy outpatient practice is managed, including:

  • Administrative issues
  • Following up with patients
  • Learning to be efficient
  • Optimizing workflow

Fellows can spend time with any of the five UH Ahuja medical Center attendings:

  • Dr. Anarado
  • Dr. Cunningham
  • Dr. Williams
  • Dr. Wolf

Rotating fellows are off on weekends.


Grand Rounds should be attended through Zoom video conferencing. On clinic days, morning conference should be attended.

For More Information

For more information about the UH Ahuja Medical Center Rotation, please email the following contact:

Faculty Contact: Chad Raymond, MD