Resident Capstone/Thesis Project Community Partner
Johnie Rose, MD, PhD Simulating the Impacts of Mass Vaccination with Live Attenuated Human Rotavirus Vaccine in a Developing Country Case Western Reserve University
Rachael Hawthorn, MD, PhD Development and Implementation of Medicare Annual Wellness Group Visit Program Area Agency on Aging, University Hospitals
Melanie Golembiewski, MD, MPH Social Network Analysis of the Health Improvement Partnership-Cuyahoga Cuyahoga County Board of Health, HIP-Cuyahoga, Case Western Reserve University
Prakash Ganesh, MD, MPH Barriers to Effective Blood Donation in Malawi Malawi Blood Transfusion Services, University Hospitals
Erica Stovsky, MD, MPH Working Together, Working Smarter: Development and Implementation of a Novel Foundational Interprofessional Education Curriculum for Health Sciences Students Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry, Nursing, Social Work, and Medicine
Faraz Ahmad, MD, MPH Community Violence in Cuyahoga County: A Description of the Problem, Its Health Consequences, and Moving Forward Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Maryann Salib, DO, MPH Mixed-Method Evaluation of Centering Parenting Care Model Neighborhood Family Practice, Case Western Reserve University
Bartlomiej Rog, MD, MPH 2018 Cuyahoga County Community Health Assessment: A Case Study HIP-Cuyahoga, Center for Health Affairs, CCBH, Case Western Reserve University
Assim Alabdulkader, MD, MPH Disparities In Cervical Cancer Screening Among Arabic-speaking Women Refugees at a Community Health Center Neighborhood Family Practice, Case Western Reserve University