Comprehensive Training in Genetics for Residents and Fellows

University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine offer several American Board of Medical Genetics-accredited training programs, including the Categorical Medical Genetics Training Program, the combined Pediatrics/Medical Genetics residency program, and the combined Internal Medicine/Medical Genetics residency program. We also offer fellowship training in Medical Biochemical Genetics, clinical cytogenetics, clinical molecular genetics and clinical biochemical genetics. Individual training experiences are tailored as much as possible to each resident’s or fellow’s areas of interests and career goals, and each trainee is supervised and evaluated by the clinical faculty during their clinical, lab and research rotations.

Categorical Medical Genetics Training Program: This is a 2 year program that leads to board certification in Medical Genetics. Trainees must have completed at least one year of another ABME specialty prior to starting the program. Trainees complete 18 months of clinical rotations in adult, biochemical, cancer, general/ pediatric, laboratory, and prenatal genetics, including both inpatient and outpatient rotations. The final 6 months of the program are dedicated to research that can be clinical or molecular in nature.

Pediatric-Medical Genetics Training Program: This is a 4 year program that leads to board certification in both Pediatrics and Medical Genetics. Trainees spend the first year doing pediatric intern rotations. The second through fourth years of the program are spent in alternating blocks (usually 3-4 blocks at a time on one specialty) between the two specialties. There are 6 months at the end of the program that can be used for individualized research study.

Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship: This is a 1 year training program that emphasizes care and management of patients with inborn errors of metabolism. Trainees spend time in both the care of patients and the laboratory for learning about diagnostics related to metabolic disorders.

Residency and Fellowship Contact Information

Anna Mitchell, MD, PhD
Program Director, Medical Genetics and Genomics Residencies

Jirair Bedoyan, MD, PhD
Program Director Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

Marie Hoyle, BA
Residency Program Coordinator