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The Association of Residents and Fellows


The mission of the Association of Residents and Fellows of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is to represent and advocate the interests of the residents and fellows of UH Cleveland Medical Center as well as to positively promote a working environment favorable for optimal medical training and patient care.

These are exciting times for residents and fellows of UH Cleveland Medical Center. University Hospitals has expanded over the past several years to serve more and more communities throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond, thereby enriching our training experience. If you are a current or prospective resident or fellow, we look forward to working with you and listening to your suggestions for a rich, productive and enjoyable training experience.


In the autumn of 1991, an ad hoc group of chief residents formed the Association of Residents and Fellows (ARF). The goal: To form an advocacy group to serve as a mechanism for presenting residents' concerns to the administration to help develop solutions to the problems inherent in residency training. Currently, the ARF serves more than 700 residents and fellows training at UH Cleveland Medical Center.


From a resident's first day of orientation to the final days of training, the ARF plays an active role in a resident's experience at UH Cleveland Medical Center.

The ARF maintains a dialogue with the administration. Participating residents are asked to serve on various committees at both UH Cleveland Medical Center and the School of Medicine. The ARF sponsors various seminars that benefit residents throughout their entire medical career. A few recent topics included debt reduction, home buying, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, contract negotiation, and the fundamentals of entering the managed care practice arena. The ARF also sponsors social events from informal pizza parties to city-wide events with residents and fellows from other local institutions.


The ARF is composed of all residents and fellows sponsored by UH Cleveland Medical Center. An optional $2.00 per pay period is deducted from the payroll of members with their written consent. In addition, the ARF receives matching contributions from the hospital administration.


With a strong influence from the ARF, UH Cleveland Medical Center approved allocation of space for the Association. In 1994, the Academic Center for Residents and Fellows opened on the third floor of the Lakeside Building. This dedicated space provides a pleasant, congenial environment within the hospital walls where residents gather, confer, study, eat, watch television and enjoy a respite from the busy pace of residency. The center was renovated in 2005 and features on-call rooms, a lounge, a kitchen, a game room, an exercise room, a computer lab, and lockers. In 2008 the Resident Center and the GME office were relocated to the 6th floor of Lakeside. The Resident Center is located at Lakeside 6218 and the GME office is next door in Lakeside 6223. UH Cleveland Medical Center residents and fellows have 24-hour card swipe access to the Center.


The Association of Residents and Fellows meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm in the UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital's Community Room (Room 1209).

For more information on joining, please contact the Graduate Medical Education Office, 216-844-3887.