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Emergency Medicine Medical Student Elective

Course Code:  EMMD-4002A
Title: Emergency Medicine Elective
Location: Med - University Hospitals
Description: The student will learn to perform primary and secondary assessments and will be exposed to basic emergency medicine skills including: Airway management, Cardiac Defibrillation, Primary Patient Assessments, Wound Repair, Fracture Splinting, Triage of patients, and diagnostic work-ups of complex medical patients. Primary care and acute emergent patient problems are evaluated and treated in this high volume, practice. The student will learn to prioritize diagnostic testing in a timely and cost efficient manner.

OBJECTIVE: The student will be exposed to all aspects of emergency care in an Urban Academic Hospital.

DUTIES: The student will work in concert with the E.D. attending at all times, and will participate in the initial evaluation and management of the patient as the student's skills allow.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Medicine, Surgery, and Ob/Gyn Core Clerkships.

NOTE: Students enrolled in EMMD 4002A cannot also be enrolled in EMMD 4000A.
Contact:  Dildred Houston
Department of Emergency Medicine
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Tel: 216-844-5918

This Clinical elective is offered to 3rd and 4th year students and may be scheduled as a 4-week rotation only.

This is not an Acting Internship.

Add/Drop Policy for Clinical Electives:
No drops less than 30-days before the start of an elective rotation unless approval has been granted from the rotation leader or designee.

We will not process a student request to drop an elective within the 30-day window unless rotation approval has been provided in writing.

Students are responsible for notifying the appropriate departments and and Medical Student Office when a drop has been confirmed.

The drop/add policy for Acting Internships will include additional requirements to be specified in a separate policy.