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Global Health Fellowship Goals

There are three main goals of the UH Cleveland Medical Center/IMC Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship.

They are:

  1. To expose aspiring career or part-time international emergency relief physicians (fellow) to at least 5 months of field experiences at International Medical Corps field sites with the intention to learn the practical issues, existing framework, and current guidelines surrounding international emergency response and medical relief work.
  2. To provide, through formal academic lectures, a thorough understanding of how both emergency relief response, and international development projects are organized and carried out, recognizing the financial, social, and religious backgrounds that sometimes must be considered.
  3. To attain an MPH through Case Western Reserve Universities Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics with a concentration in Global Health and Biostatistics, to give the fellow the tools to independently contribute to and add to the growing body of knowledge in the field of Global Emergency Medicine and International Development.