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UH Lake Continuing Care Center Services

Services at UH Lake Continuing Care Center

UH Lake Continuing Care Center provides patients with the following health services in Concord Township.

Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation (CCR)

The Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation (CCR) in Concord Township is an acute inpatient rehabilitation facility providing rehab nursing and physical, occupational and speech therapy to patients who can benefit from intensive therapy to safely return to independent living. The CCR is designed to promote healing, with 12 spacious, private patient rooms, a gym for therapy, and a separate activities of daily living space to monitor and strengthen your day-to-day functioning. Call the CCR referral line at 440-350-4822 for more information or to tour the facility.

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Center for Geriatric Psychiatry

The Center for Geriatric Psychiatry offers hope to those age 65 years and older who are experiencing serious emotional challenges. Changes in a seniors behavior or mood should not be ignored or seen as a natural part of aging. We diagnose and treat these behavioral health problems with plans that are tailored to each patients' needs. Our inpatient services focus on relieving symptoms and helping patients develop skills to increase their independence and mobility. We help them identify their capabilities, accept their limitations and develop a medication plan. Call 440-918-6366 for more information about the Center for Geriatric Psychiatry.