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UH Richmond Medical Center Leadership Teams

Administrative Leadership

  • Robin Rowell, President
  • William Aiken, Director of Support Services
  • Rachelle Simmers, Finance Manager
  • Michelle Giltner, Director of Clinical and Ambulatory Services
  • Dianne Pearce, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Vanessa Sowell, Human Resources Manager

Medical Staff Officers

  • Robert Coleman, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Peter Adamek, MD, Chief of Staff
  • David Rapkin, MD, Vice Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

  • Maryann R. Correnti, Chair
  • Judy Grieg
  • Polly Hanff
  • James O. Judd
  • Marcia J. Miller
  • Timothy Morgan
  • Stamy Paul
  • Maria Polito
  • Anthony Siracusa
  • Geri M. Smith
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