Leadership at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center

University Hospitals Parma Medical Center Board of Directors consists of members from each of the hospital’s six founding communities (Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, North Royalton, Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills) as well as Broadview Heights.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Timothy Boyko
Timothy Boyko (Parma)
Donna Thomas
Donna Thomas (Parma)
Claudio Zanin
Claudio Zanin (North Royalton)
Gerald M. Burma
Gerald M. Burma, MD, Ph.D.
Physician Director; Ex-Officio
Julius Ciaccia Jr.
Julius Ciaccia (Broadview Heights)
Lesley DeSouza
Lesley DeSouza (Parma Heights)
Donna Imhoff, PhD
Donna Imhoff, PhD (Parma)
Eric Moore
Eric Moore (Seven Hills)
Angelo Pimpas
Angelo Pimpas
Foundation Chairman; Ex-Officio
Brenda Spear, RN
Brenda Tayfel Spear, RN (Nursing)
Paul Tait
Paul Tait (University Hospitals Health System)
A portrait of this person is not available.
Scott Wilkinson (Brooklyn)
A portrait of this person is not available.
Rodney Giszti (Brooklyn Heights)

Administrative Staff at UH Parma Medical Center

Brian S. Monter, MSN, RN, MBA, President
Julia Mason, MBA, BSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
Kimberly Togliatti-Trickett, MD, Chief Medical Officer
James L. Hill, MD, MBA, CTE, Associate Chief Medical Officer
Kathi O’Connor, MS, RD, LD, Director of Operations
Dan Miller, Manager of Human Resources

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