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UH Cleveland Medical Center

The Blair Dickey-White Sexual Assault Survivor Program

The Blair Dickey-White Sexual Assault Survivor Program recognizes the complex, multi-layered needs of assault victims. The program aims to provide comprehensive care addressing both the immediate and long term needs of survivors with a focus on healing and recovery. We are a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers specialized in forensics training and trauma informed care principles.

Our Mission

Portrait of Blair Dickey-White

To care for survivors’ physical, social, emotional, and psychological needs after trauma by providing confidential, compassionate, individualized, patient-centered care while respecting survivor’s autonomy. We work to pave a path of healing and ultimately reduce the harmful effects of sexual and intimate partner violence leaving our communities a healthier place.

The Blair Dickey-White Sexual Assault Survivor Program was named in honor of Blair and her vision to end silent suffering of victims. The program is committed to ensure the highest level of care for victim survivors through comprehensive services, advocacy, and a focus on healing.

Stephanie L. Gaines, MD is the Endowed Director of the Blair Dickey-White Sexual Assault Survivor Program. She brings passionate expertise in leading the Dickey-White Survivor program and serves as the program’s inaugural director. She is committed to expanding the program’s services through sustainable practices that fulfill the program’s mission and are in alignment with University Hospitals’ vision for care.

About the Program


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Blair Dickey-White Sexual Assault Survivor Program
11100 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106