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Other Amenities at UH Cleveland

Ensuring guests have all the services they need during their visit is one way we work to ensure a less stressful hospital experience. To help visitors and patients we offer the following amenities.


KeyBank MAC automatic teller machines are located:

  • Outside the Atrium Café in Lakeside (withdrawals only)
  • Lobby of Bolwell Health Center
  • Corridor between Mather Pavilion and pedestrian bridge

Lost and Found

If you find an item that doesn't belong to you or you are missing an item that may have been left in the hospital, please contact UH Cleveland Medical Center Police.

UH Cleveland Medical Center Police—ext. 44357 (HELP) or 216-844-4357 from outside the hospital, basement of Lakeside, Room B-117


Please address mail to patients as follows:

Patient Name
Room number
Building or department (for example, Mather Pavilion or Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)
UH Cleveland Medical Center
11100 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106

After a patient is discharged, we will forward mail to the home address.


Newspapers are available in pay boxes in the following areas:

  • Lakeside – first floor hallway next to Atrium Café
  • Lakeside – second floor near Bishop operating room entrance
  • Lakeside – fourth floor corridor near hemodialysis
  • Mather Pavilion – lower level near elevators
  • Bolwell HealthCenter – near the pharmacy

Chapel & Pastoral Care

A non-denominational chapel, open at all times, is located on the first floor of Lakeside. UH chaplains visit patients upon request, and clergy from any religious organization are welcome to visit with the patient’s consent.

Pastoral Care: ext. 41668 or 216-844-1668 from outside the hospital.