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You and Your Healthcare Provider

A personal health record can help reduce or eliminate duplicate tests and allow you to get faster, safer treatment and care in an emergency. It also can help you play a more active role in your health care. Read on to learn more about creating one.

Well-informed people who play a significant role in deciding how they're going to treat their health conditions are likely to feel better about the decision process. Here are tips to get you started.

You don't have time to choose a hospital if you have a health emergency. But if you're facing surgery or treatment for a particular health condition, taking time to find a hospital that meets your needs is well worth the effort.

The benefits of being an active medical consumer include better health, more effective health care, and lower health costs.

While you may not be able to avoid a hospital stay, there are ways to trim the expenses.

Here are strategies from the Food and Drug Administration to help you cut your prescription costs by 50 percent or more.