How Much Do You Know About Planning for Long-Term Care?

People who need long-term care include those with a chronic illness or a physical handicap. Learn more about long-term care planning by taking this quiz, based on information from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

1. Which expert is a specialist trained to help you and your family develop a plan for long-term care?
2. When you do research into what types of care are available in your area, who is a good source of information?
3. Which agency can tell you what financial help is available to pay for long-term care?
4. When you need a lot of help with everyday activities, which type of facility should you look for?
5. A good way to find an assisted living center or nursing home that's right for you is to talk to friends, relatives, doctors, and social workers for advice on which facilities are well run. After you've found the name of one that sounds like a good match, what's the next step?
6. Which agency inspects nursing homes to see how well they do their job?
7. Which kinds of activities are important for nursing home residents?
8. Before you sign a contract with an assisted living center or nursing home, whom should you ask to look it over?