What Do You Know About Holiday Sweets and Treats?

If you want to eat healthy this holiday season, is it necessary to cut out all those tempting treats and snacks? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Which oil is best to not use?
2. Which treat has the lowest fat content?
3. You want to modify your favorite cookie recipe to make it healthier. To do this, you would:
4. Your sister-in-law Nicole has sent you another store-bought fruitcake this year. Before you indulge, what should you do?
5. Potato latkes are your favorite part of Hanukkah, so forget about giving up fried foods at this time of year. Is there any way to make potato latkes healthier?
6. You want to serve doughnuts or some other fritter as part of your holiday celebration. How can you make them healthier for your guests?
7. You are prepared to eat sparingly at your neighbor's holiday party, but drinks shouldn't be a problem, right? After all, alcoholic drinks don't have fat or sugar.