Department of Pathology - Division of Clinical Pathology

Clifford Harding, MD, PhD, Department Chair - 216-368-3611

Christine Schmotzer, MD, Division Chief, Clinical Pathology - 216-844-0399
Adam Baldwin, Vice President - 216-844-5678

DEPARTMENT INQUIRIESPlease call 216-844-LABS (5227).

Clinical Chemistry and Immunology

Co-Leaders: Christine Schmotzer, MD, and Jamie Noguez, PhD

Distinguishing Features

  • Subspecialty oversight with access to expert consultative services, including routine and complex testing for oncology, infectious diseases, allergy and autoimmune conditions, and endocrine biomarkers
  • Newly installed automated high-throughput processing system with significant turnaround time advantages
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring assays supporting transplant, cardiac and infectious disease therapeutics

Complex Special Coagulation Testing

Leader: Katharine Downes, MD

Distinguishing Features

  • Offers manual and automated specialized testing for evaluation, diagnosis and management of bleeding and thrombosis disorders in neonatal, pediatric and adult populations
  • Expert consultation services and interpretive reporting performed seven days a week by pathologists
  • Technical expertise in specialty coagulation testing with dedicated laboratory technical oversight

Hematological Diseases

Co-Leaders: Howard Meyerson, MD; Linda Sandhaus, MD; Erika Moore, MD; Rose Beck, MD, PhD

Distinguishing Features

  • Flow cytometry expertise for benign and malignant hematology disorders
  • Morphologic assessment of bone marrow and lymph node pathologies
  • Expert specimen triaging and integration of molecular testing for diagnosis and ongoing patient management


Co-Leaders: Michael Jacobs, MD, and Daniel Rhodes, MD

Distinguishing Features

  • Newly installed automated high-throughput microbiology processing system with significant turnaround time advantages
  • State-of-the-art molecular assays for stool and respiratory pathogens
  • Maldi-TOF mass spectrometer technology for rapid identification of infectious isolates

Center for Inherited Disorders of Energy Metabolism

Co-Leaders: Jirair Bedoyan, MD; Shulin Zhang, PhD

Distinguishing Features

  • Laboratories focus on disorders of mitochondrial function, including defects of pyruvate metabolism, fatty acid oxidation, the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain
  • Clinical conditions associated with these disorders include major disabilities affecting the central nervous system, skeletal muscle, heart and other organs
  • Integrates serologic and enzyme-based assays with next-generation sequencing results
  • Provides unique support services to specialized pediatric genetics consultative service

Therapeutic Apheresis Service

Leader: Katharine Downes, MD

Distinguishing Features

  • Expert consultation services and oversight by attending physicians subspecialty boarded in Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine, with evaluation for more than 90 conditions treated with apheresis procedures
  • Performance of all specialized apheresis procedures available, including therapeutic plasma exchange, red cell exchange, platelet depletion and white cell depletion, in pediatric and adult populations
  • Technical expertise in apheresis procedure performance and patient management by apheresis nurses