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Transforming Care for Complex Cardiovascular Cases

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The opening of the new Center for Advanced Heart & Vascular Care (CAHVC) in August 2019 is an innovative care delivery pathway created to dramatically improve the patient experience for complex cardiovascular imaging and procedures by combining the newest medical advancements, top experts, and best design all in one suite.

From the Traditional to Visionary Design

At virtually every medical facility across the country, because of its weight and footprint, advanced imaging equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) is installed in the basement or entry floors, far removed from cardiovascular services and routine patient care. This traditional design can potentially prolong cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment, as patients are required to travel through a maze of hospital hallways for multiple imaging tests often on separate days before, during, and after cardiovascular procedures.

With the increasing utilization of advanced imaging methods for cardiovascular management, same-day imaging and procedures could streamline the care of patients undergoing minimally invasive structural interventions such as transcatheter valve replacements and electrophysiologic procedures. The result would eliminate the need to move the patient throughout the facility and enable advanced imaging to guide complex procedures for better outcomes. The layout would also allow patients to have imaging tests and appointments with different physician experts during one trip to the hospital, saving time and money.

Additionally, novel cardiovascular treatments like robotic intervention may require unprecedented anatomic imaging detail at high resolution that is spatially encoded (like a traditional GPS at millimeter resolution) to facilitate. Integrating CT and MRI suites with a structural suite would allow us to reimagine the future of imaging-guided cardiovascular intervention.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Creating the nearly 10,000 square foot CAHVC within the existing hospital structure at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, took complex planning, intense commitment, and some creative construction over two years.

Initially built in the 1960s, The George M. Humphrey Building wasn’t designed to hold the massive weight of today’s advanced imaging equipment. Crews reinforced the floor to safely support the MRI and CT weighing a combined 15,000 pounds. A crane lifted the machines into the facility through the roof. Walls, doorways, fixtures, and equipment were custom fitted to allow the flexibility to utilize and communicate seamlessly throughout the space.

We offer the best care — without any constraints of how health care has been designed for the past hundred years. The center is not just about technology; it’s about the people. Our experts can unite and maximize all their skills to the benefit of our patients.

The CAHVC is one of the first cardiovascular centers globally to co-locate MRI, CT, and robotically operated cardiac catheterization lab with a hybrid operating room in the same physical suite. This center allows for unique collaboration from doctors specializing in interventional cardiology, medical cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular medicine, vascular surgery, cardiovascular anesthesia, and advanced cardiovascular imaging.

Our patients now have access to the most advanced care in a frictionless manner. This new medical hub creates an intersection at the core of our flagship hospital, where University Hospitals’ worldwide heart and vascular experts and the most advanced technologies meet. We’re not only delivering today’s care with the highest quality and value but also continuing to establish tomorrow's therapies.