University Hospitals Provides Quality, Innovative, Coordinated and Patient-Centered Health Care

University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, is a comprehensive health system recognized for providing quality and personalized coordinated health care through accountable care organizations (ACOs) built on the principles of population health. University Hospitals’ ACOs include:

As one of the most comprehensive medical centers in the nation, UH has the advanced technology and specialized medical services in place to effectively coordinate someone’s health care needs from birth through their senior years.

University Hospitals Accountable Care Organization (UHACO) fosters long-term patient-provider relationships that help promote preventive care, increase wellness and healthy behaviors, decrease emergency episodes, and prevent hospitalizations. Additionally, our ACO clinical care coordinators help patients, primary care providers, and specialists work as an integrated team focused on keeping patients healthy and proactively managing their care.

UHACO models brings together University Hospitals’ broad primary care network and advanced clinical care and specialty services with a large population of independent providers to give our members and covered dependents a substantial number of health care options.

The success of UHACO demonstrates our ability to coordinate patient care in a manner that increases the quality of care received, promotes health and wellness, improves the patient experience, and reduces overall health care costs.

Coordinated Care Through Integrated Technologies

UHACO partners with patients to help them stay well and to coordinate their health care throughout the continuum. UH clinical care coordinators leverage UH’s robust technology infrastructure to proactively outreach and support members.

UHCare, our secure electronic medical record (EMR), helps connect providers with comprehensive patient information and the latest evidence-based health care guidance. In addition, UH’s integrated technology infrastructure includes personal health records, population health data analytics, integrated scheduling, and telehealth technologies.

This technology infrastructure combined with personalized care coordinators enables a greater opportunity for each patient to receive consistent high-quality care when and where they need medical attention the most.

Innovative Health Care Delivery Models

The foundation for UH’s accountable care models is the infrastructure and experience used to manage the employee medical plan through University Hospitals Accountable Care Organization (UHACO). Since 2010, the UHACO has helped improve the health and wellness of about 25,000 UH employees and dependents enrolled in a UH medical plan. After implementing our first accountable care organization in 2010, UH launched two additional accountable care organizations in 2012:

  • UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital received a $12.7 million Health Care Innovation grant from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation for its Physician Extension Team (PET). To effectuate this grant, UHACO created a Pediatric ACO called UH Rainbow Care Connection, to create a physician network that will help to manage the health of 200,000 children in northeast Ohio.
  • The Medicare ACO, UH Coordinated Care Organization, was approved to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program to serve 42,000 Medicare beneficiaries as of July 1, 2012.

Together, our three innovative ACOs help position UH as the national leader in using accountable care models to increase the quality of care received by patients, improve the patient experience, and control the cost of care delivery to patients throughout all stages of their lives.

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