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Senior couple, at home, wife kissing husband's cheek while he laughs with his eyes closed

What is Dementia? Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Learn more about dementia, its risk factors, early symptoms and treatment options.

Illustration of orange ribbon, stethoscope and paper brain cutout for Multiple sclerosis awareness

Multiple Sclerosis - Diagnosis, Subtypes and Treatment

Learn more about MS diagnosis, subtypes and treatment options such as disease modifying and symtomatic therapies.

Senior woman in a wheelchair talking in a group setting

Sleep Disorders and Stroke

Learn more about sleep issues and stroke from a panel of experts.

Smiling senior man waving at doctor on video call through digital tablet at home

Coming Home After Stroke - What You Need to Know

Learn about coming home after stroke, from in-home safety, prepping the home and safe diets.

African American woman holding her head with both hands due to head pain.

Migraine Headache - Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

Learn how UH Neurological Institute’s headache experts diagnose and manage even the most disruptive headaches so life can return to normal.

Elderly man sitting at kitchen table holding his head

What is Dementia - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Learn more about dementia, its prevalence, causes, signs and symptoms, treatments, living with dementia and providing care for someone who has dementia.

Depressed woman sitting on sofa during coronavirus outbreak

Managing Fatigue and Thinking Changes after COVID-19

Learn more about why COVID-19 can cause fatigue and thinking changes, and how you can manage these problems.

A senior man in a wheelchair is pushed around by his daughter

Life After Stroke - Understand the Relationship Between Diabetes and Stroke

Learn more about managing your diabetes to reduce your risk of stroke and SMART Goals.

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